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Strange Brau Radio is the premier paranormal pub podcast. SBR seeks to give voices to those that might not otherwise have them, and what better place then a historic pub. For it’s in the “pub” or the Public House where secret stories have always been told…one pint at time.

EP 9 Thylacine Witness:Neil Waters & Cryptid Artist Alex Evans

March 18, 2019

EP 9

SBR welcomes Thylacine witness Neil Waters. The Thylacine, also known as the Tasmanian Tiger has reportedly been extinct since 1933...last seen in the Hobart ,Australian zoo. However, Neil and many others in Australia and Tasmania beg to differ. As recent as a 2019, sightings and compelling physical/video evidence seem to show the exotic marsupial is alive and breeding. Neil Waters world was rocked by his own visual proof back in 2014 and has since then started a growing membered group called The Thylacine Awareness Group of Australia.

Also, Cryptid Artist Alex Evans contributes her unique talents of sculpted realism with handcrafted Thylacines donated as a way to help fund the group and its mission of conservation and protection. 

Also available as YouTube video with a detailed visual presentation

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