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Strange Brau Radio is the premier paranormal pub podcast. SBR seeks to give voices to those that might not otherwise have them, and what better place then a historic pub. For it’s in the “pub” or the Public House where secret stories have always been told…one pint at time.

EP 6 World Champion Taxidermist/Sasquatch witness Ken Walker

February 25, 2019

EP 6

3x World Champion Taxidermist Ken Walker hails from Alberta, Canada. Ken's taxidermy expertise is world renowned and he has the ribbons to prove it. Strange Brau Radio was lucky enough to sit down with him and talk about his unique passion and incredible eye for detail, an eye that even captured the attention of the Smithsonian. 

Ken Walker is a true legend with amazing stories about the bush, even Sasquatch stories. Big Fur was a documentary filmed all about Ken Walkers passion for Sasquatch and his incredible recreation he built from scratch. 

It was a real privilege to sit down with a incredible mind that didn't mind talking about one of my favorite subject, nature and the unknown.