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Category: Society & Culture

Strange Brau Radio is the premier paranormal pub podcast. SBR seeks to give voices to those that might not otherwise have them, and what better place then a historic pub. For it’s in the “pub” or the Public House where secret stories have always been told…one pint at time.

EP 10 Sasquatch Witness & Documentarian: Barb Shupe

March 21, 2019

EP 10 

This bonus episode of SBR welcomes Sasquatch witness, experiencer, documentarian and Youtube celeb of "Squatch'n with Barb & Gabby", Barb Shupe. 

Barb hails from Greenwater, Washington. A beautiful section of the greenbelt just north of Mt. Rainier. Join us as we discuss the phenomena as she has come to know it, very strange.